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The Emerging Field of Lifestyle Medicine

The Emerging Field of Lifestyle Medicine

We’re living in a time of radical transformation, where diseases that were once considered untreatable, now have cures. Many of us have come to understand that simple lifestyle changes can improve our overall health. As medical science advances, it's become increasingly clear that proactive healthcare strategies like lifestyle medicine could be the key to living a healthy, prolonged life. Lifestyle medicine is an emerging field focused on preventing and managing chronic diseases through evidence-based medical treatments combined with healthy behavioral changes. This healthcare approach could revolutionize how we live our lives on a daily basis, and The Spice Theory is a proponent of lifestyle medicine’s tenets of best practices for living a holistically healthier life.

Lifestyle medicine seeks to empower individuals with the knowledge needed to treat, prevent, and cultivate whole person health. Through this practice, preventable chronic diseases can be managed or possibly reversed by implementing lifestyle changes like smarter eating habits, increased physical activity, mindfulness, stress management tactics, and more. Additionally, lifestyle medicine is accessible to all, and by making small adjustments, we can fortify our health & well-being. 


The Spicy Theory’s commitment to optimal health & wellness

TST’s contribution to this lifestyle practice is through an area of focus that many of us, as busy individuals, often fail to properly manage—our eating habits. Sometimes, healthy and balanced nutrition is medicine. In combination with exercise and rest, TST spices provide the body with the foundational support needed to operate at high performance. They hone in on the medicinal value of its herbs and plant ingredients. Health optimization is achievable, and it can be done through healthier eating habits. We make this easier by offering healthy, flavorful, and fun spices to garnish your meals.






Benefits of a nutrition focused lifestyle medicine

Simple changes make the biggest impact. This is especially the case with your food and diet habits. Lifestyle medicine doesn’t require a drastic change in eating habits. In fact, its practices promote improvements to your existing diet. For example, simple acts like replacing high blood-pressure inducing salt-based seasonings with our best-selling Jerk Spice Rub or our delicious Garlic Herb Pepper Blend could help better manage and prevent the further progression of chronic diseases and conditions such as heart disease, high cholesterol, insomnia, and more.  Adapting to healthier eating habits is much easier when the food tastes delicious and the benefits are worth the lifestyle change. TST’s focus is to create a balanced diet with predominantly whole, plant-based foods and fiber-rich fruits and vegetables. Our spices and recipes add substance to your journey to an improved lifestyle by not only impressing the importance of preventative care actions to take to combat health conditions but also by offering a new perspective on how we should consume food. 





Change your lifestyle with complimentary health & wellness practices

Lifestyle medicine is an exciting and important evolution of traditional healthcare, especially for people of color who have been underserved, underrepresented, and devalued as it pertains to proper and equal care for patients. By providing individuals with the tools to understand and sustainably manage their lifestyle choices, lifestyle medicine will continue to emerge and become normalized as best practice within households across the world over the next five to ten years. If you’re ready to change your lifestyle, then we’re here to support you one bite at a time. Start small and browse our collection of health-based spice blends and recipes, or reach out to your physician to schedule routine checkups, screenings to discuss any medical concerns.