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Meet Dr. Corrie

Dr. Corrie

Meet Dr. Corrie

Hello! I'm Dr. Corrie Amos, a board-certified anesthesiologist, culinary enthusiast, and health & wellness advocate. The Spice Theory is the brainchild of my forged love of good food and my passion for science! Let me tell you a little bit about me!

I am a child of immigrants so I spent my childhood between NYC where I was born and Jamaica, where I am from. I spent my formative years in Jamaica and it was there that I discovered a love of science and medicine. I like to break things down to their elements...see how they are made. I was inquisitive about everything! Especially food. I was my grandmother’s shadow in the kitchen watching fascinated as she gathered her herbs and spices to “season” the food.

“Mama what is this? Mama why do you put that on the chicken? Mama will this make the food taste better? These were the questions I would pepper my grandmother with. My mama’s house was where you went to get an authentic Jamaican meal that would rival any 5-star restaurant...the secret? The herbs and spices, always fresh from the Market. Cooking was our shared love language, and we bonded as we created spice mixes together. As I blossomed into my own cook, my fascination with healthy cooking was further driven by years of medical training and my scientific curiosity. It is an accepted fact that chronic health conditions are ravaging our community. Poor diet and poor food preparation techniques are a driving factor in these unhealthy outcomes. The available commercial spices heavily filled with preservatives and MSG didn’t make it any better.

My research took me to Nairobi, Kenya where I studied medicinal plants and herbs. This opened the world of herbal medicine to me, and I began experimenting with crafting spice mixes and honing in on their medicinal value. I understood the need for robust spices that weren't heavily burdened by artificial additives. Now, I approach blending spices with an innovative and intellectual curiosity often building complex flavor profiles, and breaking them back down to harness the therapeutic benefits of each spice. I am thankful that medicine has exposed me to the cuisine of many great cities: Asheville, New Orleans, Marrakesh and Nairobi to name a few. It has also allowed me to approach cooking from a more health conscious standpoint without compromising flavor.

I'm now back in New York where it all began! Whether I'm hosting a dinner party for friends or making a scrumptious meal for my husband and family, the creativity in the kitchen never ceases. The Spice Theory was born of that desire to be inquisitive. Food should be bold not boring. Push the boundaries and dare to be different! I hope to continue my grandmother’s traditions of inspiring people through food, and sharing my knowledge of what's good for your body and soul.

Let great food be your medicine!

Dr. Corrie

Who We Are 

Imagine the tantalizing and playful delights of

Jamaican spices lingering on your taste buds. 

The robust pimento seeds and scotch bonnet peppers. 

The ocean breeze swaying, not cool enough to simmer the scorch.

Aromatic garlic, ginger and thyme that tempers all the flavors.    

Now imagine capturing that complexity of nature in a bottle. 

Make it a reality with The Spice Theory. 


The Spice Theory is a handcrafted, small batch spice blend company that offers a curated culinary experience to elevate every dish! Our products are sourced from natural and fresh ingredients without additives, preservatives or MSG. Created by a medical doctor of Jamaican heritage, The Spice Theory focuses on robust spice blends that promote a healthy lifestyle and well-being. Each artisanal spice blend displays key health benefits of selected herbs and spices. Our products are low in sodium and high in quality without compromising flavor!

Food should awaken your taste buds not assault them. That is where the right blend of herbs and spices makes the difference.