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"Fern Gully"
Pedro Jackson
Love it!

This is my second order and I will be a lifetime customer!

Delicious Garlic Herb Pepper + Citrus smoked bourbon sea salt combo

This 2 spices works very well together. I use it when making shrimp, salmon, and chicken. The flavors are on point.

"Fern Gully"
Gendai Echezona
Perfect blend!

This is essential for all your savory dishes! As a lover of garlic, onion, and pepper, I am a fan. Will quickly become a go to and staple for most kitchens!

TST Signature Spice Box
Audrey Simmons
Wonderful flavor

I used the jerk spice rub on my salmon and it was great! A great balance of flavor and heat. I only use the scotch bonnet sea salt on my eggs now, nothing else needed.

As a Jamaica abroad I have been searching for a authentic and signature island blend of spices that represents that island culture for meal preparation. Well I discovered the “ The spice Theory “ and it’s a 100% replicated the herbs, the smell and the texture needed to full satisfy any of the Signature islands meal… The multiple blends give me the options to prepare various meals but the “ Scotch on the Rock” blend is on point and the real deal… Thank you Spice Theory” and I will be purchasing more of the amazing products
for food that I prepare

Great Flavors!!!

The flavors are amazing, the Scotch Bonnet is very spicy so take it easy on that one. I will definitely be ordering more spices especially the Garlic herb pepper blend.

"Fern Gully"
Shari Stokes
Great blend!

This was on point at the last cookout. The blend of flavors was wonderful and the food didn’t need anything else. This will definitely be a pantry staple.

These spicesc are excellent with robust flavor that add a special kick to your cooking. Definitely will be a returning customer.