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25 men-owned brands to support this Father's Day

25 men-owned brands to support this Father's Day

1. Sorel Liqueur
Jackie Summers

In 2010, Jack received life-changing news: he was diagnosed with a spinal tumor and given a slim chance of survival. Defying the odds, Jack emerged from the ordeal changed and with a new perspective on life. This profound experience led him to leave behind a 25-year career in corporate America to pursue a passion rooted in tradition.

Inspired by a 500-year-old beverage tradition, Jack was determined to bring this ancient drink to the modern market. Despite not having a background as a food chemist, he dedicated himself to creating the first-ever shelf-stable version of this time-honored beverage. His persistence and ingenuity paid off, and Jack succeeded in his quest.

In 2012, Jack launched JackFromBrooklyn, a micro-distillery that quickly gained attention for its unique offerings. At the time, Jack was the only Black person in America with a license to make liquor. This achievement was historic, as he became the first known Black person to hold such a license post-Prohibition.

JackFromBrooklyn quickly became known for its exceptional products, blending tradition with innovation. Jack's story and his distillery's success resonated with many, inspiring a new generation of entrepreneurs and enthusiasts in the craft spirits industry. His journey from a corporate career to a pioneering distiller is a testament to resilience, innovation, and the power of following one's passion.

2. Scotch Boyz
Drew Gray, Matthew Wallace, Neil Hudson and Kemar Swaby

Scotch Boyz Jamaica was born from the enduring friendship of four childhood friends – Drew Gray, Matthew Wallace, Neil Hudson, and Kemar Swaby. These yard boyz loved Jamaica and its rich flavors. Despite attending different universities, they reunited annually for Drew’s legendary BBQ, where he served a pepper sauce perfected from his grandfather’s 60-year-old recipe.

To share this taste of Jamaica, Drew bottled the sauce for his friends. Their culinary experiments and fun led them to enter cooking competitions with a logo sketched on a napkin. In 2015, they reconnected with Kemar to rebrand and relaunch Scotch Boyz for global markets, featuring a modernized logo and a full line of sauces.

Today, Scotch Boyz Jamaica brings authentic Jamaican flavors to kitchens worldwide, celebrating the bond of friendship and the island’s culinary heritage.

3. BLK and Bold
Pernell Cezar Jr. and Rod Johnson

BLK & Bold Specialty Beverages was born from a lifetime friendship, shared values, and a deep love for coffee and tea. Co-founders Pernell and Rod created the company with a mission to unite coffee and tea lovers worldwide while investing in their communities, particularly in youth development.

Driven by the belief that children are the future and deserve resources to reach their potential, BLK & Bold pledges 5% of its gross profits to nonprofit organizations across America. These organizations focus on building confidence, providing exposure, and offering guidance to help children become the best versions of themselves.

Through this commitment, BLK & Bold Specialty Beverages not only delivers high-quality coffee and tea but also makes a meaningful impact, empowering the next generation to thrive.

4. A Dozen Cousins
Ibraheem Basir

A Dozen Cousins was founded by Ibraheem Basir, who grew up in Brooklyn, New York. His family's kitchen was a melting pot of his mother's Southern cooking mixed with rich flavors from their Caribbean and Latin American neighbors. As Ibraheem learned more about the importance of eating natural foods, he realized there wasn't an easy way to enjoy the great dishes he grew up with.

Driven by this need, Ibraheem started A Dozen Cousins to provide families with authentic, delicious, and easy-to-prepare meals. His goal was to make it simple for everyone to enjoy the flavors of his childhood while maintaining a focus on natural ingredients.

A Dozen Cousins brings the taste of diverse culinary traditions to kitchens everywhere, ensuring that anyone can enjoy healthy, flavorful meals without the hassle.

5. Red Bay Coffee
Keba Konte

RED BAY COFFEE was founded in 2014 by Keba Konte, a renowned local artist and successful food entrepreneur with a decade of experience in the specialty coffee and hospitality industry. Keba established Red Bay Coffee with a mission to build a global community through a commitment to sourcing, developing, roasting, and delivering the best and most beautiful coffee.

Red Bay Coffee is dedicated to developing exquisite coffees, fostering fair relationships, and promoting delicious approaches to living. The company prioritizes creating opportunities within the community, focusing on single origin, fair trade, direct trade, organic, and sustainable coffees. Red Bay Coffee believes in creating a value chain that emphasizes ethics and diversity, rather than just supply and demand.

Keba envisions a world where coffee serves as a vehicle for inclusion, social and economic empowerment, entrepreneurship, innovation, and environmental sustainability. Through these principles, Red Bay Coffee strives to make a positive impact on the coffee industry and beyond, ensuring that every cup contributes to a better world.

6. Pipsnacks
Jeff Martin (Co-Founder)

Pipcorn's story began in 2012 when Jeff Martin helped his sister, Jen, move apartments. In the midst of packing, Jen discovered a bag of tiny heirloom popcorn kernels from a Chicago health food store where she worked. Intrigued by the unique kernels, they decided to pop a batch, and to their delight, it was the most delicious popcorn they had ever tasted!

Impressed by the flavor and quality, Jeff and Jen tracked down the Indiana farmer who grew these heirloom kernels from his family's seed stock. Joined by Jeff's wife, Teresa, they embarked on a journey to create a new company dedicated to this exceptional popcorn, thus giving birth to Pipsnacks™.

Pipcorn's focus on heirloom kernels and dedication to quality quickly gained attention, making it a beloved choice among popcorn enthusiasts. The company's commitment to sourcing the best ingredients and creating a unique snacking experience has solidified Pipcorn's reputation as a leader in the gourmet popcorn industry.

7. Dope Coffee
Michael Loyd

Dope Coffee's journey began in 2020 when Michael and Michelle Loyd decided to launch a direct-to-consumer brand. Former owners of coffee shops in Wilmington, North Carolina, the couple moved to Atlanta with a vision of taking control of their roasting process. Starting small, they began fulfilling orders from their garage.

As demand grew, Michael and Michelle enlisted the help of family members, expanding their offerings beyond just coffee beans. Dope Coffee now sources its beans primarily from Ethiopia and Guatemala, ensuring exceptional quality in every cup.

In addition to coffee beans, Dope Coffee offers a range of coffee-related products like pods for convenience, as well as body scrub, syrup, and candles to enhance the coffee experience. Their commitment to quality, family involvement, and innovative products has made Dope Coffee a beloved choice for coffee enthusiasts seeking something extraordinary.

8. Suavecito Pomade
Pete and Tony Adame

Brothers Pete and Tony Adame, along with their childhood friend J-Bird, grew up immersed in the vibrant barbershop scene, motorcycle culture, and tattoo artistry of Santa Ana, California. Their journey into creating Suavecito began when Pete, tired of spending exorbitant amounts on pomades, decided to craft his own. Mixing up batches in a Home Depot bucket, he stumbled upon a water-soluble pomade that combined the hold of wax with easy washability. Initially, Pete's goal was simply to share his creation with the neighborhood, packaging it in humble containers like Tupperware and plastic bags.

The trio's venture into business wasn't planned; it sprang from necessity when Pete was laid off from his job as a machinist in 2009. With just a thousand-dollar severance pay, they packaged and sold their pomade, which quickly sold out, marking the start of Suavecito's success story. Over the years, the company has expanded its offerings to include a range of products catering to different hair types, from clays to matte pomades, all while maintaining an affordable price point of $9.99 for their original pomade.

Today, Suavecito has evolved into a thriving enterprise, fostering its unique culture and staying true to its roots of offering premium quality products accessible to everyone. Pete's commitment to humility and affordability has not only endeared Suavecito to its loyal customer base but also established it as a trailblazer in the grooming industry.

9. Ballwash
Adam Hendle

The idea for Ballwash was born in a moment of reflection during a shower, realizing the shortcomings of typical men's body wash products filled with chemicals and unpronounceable ingredients. Determined to create something better for himself and others, the founder envisioned a product that would not only cleanse effectively but also leave a refreshing and invigorating feeling.

Ballwash stands out from conventional body washes with its focus on natural ingredients and the inclusion of activated charcoal, renowned for its detoxifying properties. Through careful experimentation in the lab, the perfect blend of ingredients was discovered, ensuring a cleansing experience that goes beyond superficial dirt and grime to address deeper impurities.

The name "Ballwash" reflects the brand's bold and unapologetic approach to men's grooming, challenging traditional notions and offering a product that promotes confidence and well-being. From its humble beginnings in a shower epiphany, Ballwash has grown into a trusted name in men's personal care, prioritizing quality, transparency, and a sense of empowerment in every bottle.

10. Super Coffee
Jordan DeCicco

Jordan kickstarted Super Coffee's journey in 2015, crafting it from his dorm room to fulfill his need for a healthy energy boost during basketball practices and late-night study sessions. Through six years of dedication, trial, and learning from mistakes, he has refined Super Coffee into a leading brand in ready-to-drink enhanced coffee. Beyond his entrepreneurial drive, Jordan's deep passion for sports and nutrition fuels his commitment to creating quality products. With a keen palate honed from constant sampling of new brews, Jordan is a seasoned coffee connoisseur, eager to share insights on origins and tasting notes with anyone interested. Among Super Coffee's offerings, Jordan's personal favorites include Vanilla Super Coffee, Mocha Super Grounds, and Sweet Cream Super Creamer.

11. Bevel
Tristan Walker

Tristan Walker identified a crucial gap in the grooming industry: the lack of products tailored to the unique needs of people of color. This realization sparked the creation of Bevel, a premium line of men's grooming products meticulously crafted to cater to this underserved market segment. The core focus of Bevel was to develop products that are not only effective but also gentle on the skin, acknowledging the higher sensitivity often experienced by people of color. Addressing common skin concerns like razor bumps, ingrown hairs, and other skin issues prevalent among people of color became a central goal in Bevel's product development process. Today, Bevel stands as a beacon of inclusivity and excellence, offering solutions that empower people of color to achieve their grooming goals with confidence and comfort.

12. Yolélé
Pierre Thiam

Yolélé was established in 2017 with a clear mission: to foster economic empowerment for smallholder farming communities. The company's vision extends beyond mere profit to actively support biodiverse, regenerative, and climate-resilient farming practices. Central to Yolélé's ethos is the desire to showcase Africa's rich and diverse ingredients and flavors on a global stage, celebrating the continent's culinary heritage and cultural richness. Through partnerships and sustainable sourcing practices, Yolélé works to uplift farming communities, promote environmental stewardship, and share the vibrant essence of African cuisine with people around the world. The company's commitment to social impact and culinary excellence makes it a trailblazer in the food industry, bridging cultures and creating positive change through every delicious bite.

13. Sesh
Ben Finkel

Ben Finkel, the Founder & CEO of Sesh, has a rich background in technology and entrepreneurship. He first gained recognition as the CEO of Fluther.com, a popular Q&A platform known for its focus on delivering quick and accurate answers. Fluther's success led to its acquisition by Twitter in December 2010. Following this achievement, Ben continued his journey in the tech industry, joining Jelly Industries as the Chief Technology Officer (CTO).

Ben's academic foundation in computer science and mathematics, acquired at Brown University, laid the groundwork for his innovative work. His honors thesis, published in the prestigious Journal of Graph Drawing in 2004, showcased his expertise in graph theory and algorithm development. Prior to his entrepreneurial ventures, Ben honed his skills at MIT Lincoln Laboratory, where he contributed to the development of advanced algorithms in the Space Control Systems group.

In 2005, Ben relocated to San Francisco, driven by the ambition to launch his own tech startup. This vision became a reality with Fluther, marking the beginning of his impactful journey as a technology leader and entrepreneur in the Bay Area's vibrant tech ecosystem.

14. Brooklyn Tea
Alfonso Wright (Co-founder)

Brooklyn Tea's mission is to connect people through the art and ritual of tea. Founded with a passion for fostering community and sustainability, we are dedicated to sourcing and curating the highest quality teas from around the globe. Our commitment to craftsmanship, innovation, and education ensures that every cup of Brooklyn Tea is a transformative journey of flavor, aroma, and culture, elevating the tea-drinking experience to an unparalleled level of excellence. We strive to empower individuals to discover the joys of tea, promote wellness, and embrace diversity. Beyond offering exceptional teas, we aim to leave a positive impact on our planet and the communities we serve. Join us in savoring the simple pleasures of life, one sip at a time, and experience the unique connection that Brooklyn Tea brings to tea lovers everywhere.

15. The Cut Buddy
Joshua Esnard

The Cut Buddy started as a practical solution to an everyday need, revolutionizing home grooming thanks to Joshua Esnard's accidental stroke of brilliance. Joshua, the Inventor, Founder, and CEO of The Cut Buddy, conceived the original Cut Buddy Shaping Tool when he was just 13 years old in Ithaca, New York. Growing up in an immigrant family from St. Lucia, Joshua's parents were not inclined to spend money on barbers for haircuts, resorting to giving him buzz cuts. Determined to impress the girls at his school and tired of buzz cuts, Joshua attempted to cut his own hair, leading to a series of DIY disasters.

Driven by necessity, he dedicated years to finding a solution that would make at-home haircuts easier. Through extensive testing of different haircut and beard templates, Joshua finally created the perfect design that could work on any head size or hairline shape. In January 2015, at the age of 28, Joshua patented the original Cut Buddy Shaping Tool design, along with other personal grooming tool designs. The Cut Buddy has since transformed home grooming, offering a reliable and innovative tool that simplifies the DIY haircut experience for countless individuals.

16. Actively Black
Lanny Smith

Actively Black was announced by founder Lanny Smith on Juneteenth 2020, with the first products launching on Black Friday five months later. The brand received a significant boost when Smith received a call from one of his boyhood heroes, FUBU founder and Shark Tank cohost Daymond John, who expressed interest in a potential collaboration. During their meeting, John called the head of licensing for Marvel and Disney to discuss Smith's Black Panther collaboration deck, leading to a pitch meeting just two days later.

Actively Black remains a small operation with eight employees, including former Under Armour designer Jordan Jackson and his wife, Danielle McCoy, who collaborated with Smith on the Nigerian Winter Olympic team outfits. In its first year, the direct-to-consumer business achieved $5.6 million in sales, with Smith donating nearly half a million dollars to grassroots organizations such as the Liberation Fund and Compton Girls Club. Smith emphasizes that Actively Black is not just another brand aiming for unicorn status; it's a mission-driven venture measuring success by its impact and purpose.

17. Healthy Hip Hop Inc.
Roy Scott

Healthy Hip Hop is an innovative app designed to empower and educate children through relatable music and cutting-edge technology. Founded by Roy Scott, the app transforms the urban hip-hop beat into a positive educational tool, delivering engaging activities that promote wellness and learning. By overlaying hip-hop rhythms with constructive messages, Healthy Hip Hop captures children's attention and enhances their educational experience in a fun and interactive way.

Roy Scott's vision for Healthy Hip Hop centers on using music as a medium to inspire and motivate kids, making learning enjoyable and accessible. The app offers a variety of activities that incorporate movement, creativity, and collaboration, encouraging children to develop healthy habits and a love for learning. With its unique approach, Healthy Hip Hop aims to bridge the gap between entertainment and education, fostering a supportive environment for children's growth and development.


18. EcoCart
Dane Baker (Co-founder)

EcoCart operates a sustainable shopping platform designed to make combating climate change simple, cost-effective, and accessible. The company's innovative application calculates and eliminates the carbon footprint of online orders, providing users with notifications about participating stores. EcoCart also rewards users with points that can be redeemed for gift cards or used to make a significant environmental impact.

By integrating seamlessly with e-commerce brands, EcoCart enables consumers to offset the environmental repercussions of their purchases while shopping at their favorite stores. The platform's mission is to promote sustainability and environmental responsibility, making it easy for individuals and businesses to contribute to a greener future. EcoCart's approach not only benefits the planet but also fosters a sense of community and shared purpose among its users. Through its unique combination of technology and rewards, EcoCart empowers consumers to make eco-friendly choices effortlessly.

19. True Laundry Detergent

Ali B. Muhammad, Malik Saleem, Abdur-Rahim Shaheed

True Laundry Company, grounded in the belief that "Quality Exceeds Value," stands as a testament to its commitment to excellence. Founded on the principle that a company's worth lies in the fulfillment of its promises, True Products ensures that its offerings consistently surpass expectations. Since its inception in November 2012, this startup manufacturing and distribution enterprise has swiftly expanded its reach, boasting a network of over 25 distributors across 18 states in the United States, with international presence in Dubai, Canada, and Bermuda.

True Products emerges as a beacon of community commitment, striving to establish itself as an enduring institution that fosters opportunities and benefits for generations to come. Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, this American-based, veteran-owned corporation has carved a niche for itself as a premier provider of household cleaning supplies. Its approach emphasizes affordability, quality, and unparalleled customer service, catering to consumers, retail outlets, and government agencies alike. Through its innovative strategies and unwavering dedication, True Products has cemented its status as an international leader in the realm of household cleaning products.

20. Nature Boy Grooming Products
Jacob Quetant

In late 2014, fueled by a desire to nurture his unruly beard, the journey of creating an all-natural product commenced. Realizing the absence of suitable solutions in the market during a visit to a beauty supply store, the spark of innovation ignited. Inspired by his girlfriend's use of coconut oil and the potential of a DIY approach, the decision to craft a personalized product was born. Armed with newfound knowledge gleaned from research and consultations with his barber, the founder delved into the realm of carrier oils, butters, and essential oils. Each ingredient was meticulously chosen for its nourishing properties, prioritizing effectiveness and natural purity. Eschewing synthetic fragrances, the focus remained on crafting a beard serum that would not only tame but also enrich facial hair and skin, setting the foundation for a journey marked by dedication to quality and authenticity.

21. Hustle Clean
Justin Forsett

Years ago, Justin Forsett, Wale Forrester, and Wendell Hunter bonded over football at UC Berkeley. Their friendship blossomed into a partnership beyond college, leading to the creation of Hustle Clean, formerly ShowerPill. Justin's NFL success, Wale's firefighting career, and Wendell's work as an EMT formed the backdrop for their hygiene brand, offering convenient wipes for athletes and beyond.

Driven by a commitment to community, they launched initiatives like the Free Play sports scholarship program and #ShowerToThePeople campaign, aiding underserved youth and disaster-stricken areas. Hustle Clean embodies the spirit of "Hustle," using their platform to uplift communities in need.

22. Truff
Nick Guillen and Nick Ajluni

TRUFF's journey began modestly on Instagram as @sauce, where captivating food and pop culture content garnered a devoted following. The unexpected surge in popularity sparked a cult-like fascination with the brand. Encouraged by this enthusiastic reception, the founders seized the opportunity to transition into the realm of gourmet condiments. Leveraging their established audience, TRUFF evolved from a social media sensation into a purveyor of upscale lifestyle hot sauce.

With a keen eye for culinary excellence and a finger on the pulse of contemporary culture, TRUFF has carved out a niche at the intersection of food, luxury, and social media. From its humble origins as an Instagram handle to its current status as a sought-after brand, TRUFF's commitment to quality and innovation remains unwavering.

23. Ghetto Gastro
Jon Gray, Pierre Serrao and Lester Walker

Established in 2012, Ghetto Gastro stands as a culinary force rooted in the vibrant streets of the Bronx, New York. Founded by Jon Gray, Pierre Serrao, and Lester Walker, this collective of chefs and food enthusiasts combines their deep ties to the borough with a passion for innovative gastronomy. With a commitment to redefining food culture, Ghetto Gastro blends elements of street culture, activism, and global cuisine to create immersive culinary experiences. Their bold approach has garnered acclaim, propelling them onto the international stage and solidifying their status as tastemakers and cultural influencers. From pop-up events to collaborations with renowned brands, Ghetto Gastro continues to push boundaries, celebrating the spirit of the Bronx while reshaping the culinary landscape.

24. We Buy Black
Shareef Abdul-Malik

We Buy Black stands as a pioneering online marketplace dedicated to amplifying the voices and businesses of the Black community. Serving as a platform for Black-owned product-based businesses, the company provides a vital space for entrepreneurs to showcase their goods to a broader audience. Beyond being a marketplace, We Buy Black operates as a comprehensive agency, offering a suite of business solutions encompassing branding, marketing, and more. Through strategic initiatives and partnerships, We Buy Black empowers entrepreneurs with the tools and resources necessary for success in a competitive market landscape. With a commitment to economic empowerment and community upliftment, We Buy Black continues to pave the way for Black-owned businesses to thrive and flourish.

25. Bricks & Wood
Kacey Lynch

"Bricks & Wood" emerges as a beacon of creativity and community in South Central, Los Angeles, founded by Kacey Lynch. This apparel company is more than just fashion; it's a platform for storytelling, weaving narratives of culture, heritage, and daily life into each garment. With a focus on manufacture, design, and collaborative ventures, Bricks & Wood captures the essence of South Central's vibrant spirit. Each product is a testament to the rich tapestry of experiences found within the neighborhood's streets, parks, and homes. Through their dedication to authenticity and narrative-driven design, Bricks & Wood invites wearers to connect with the heart and soul of South Central, celebrating its essence with every thread.