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Celebrating Achievement: Dr. Corrie Amos Joins Honorees at Women of Color Entrepreneurs Conference

Celebrating Achievement: Dr. Corrie Amos Joins Honorees at Women of Color Entrepreneurs Conference

We are incredibly excited to announce that our dearest founder and CEO, Dr. Corrie Amos, was selected as one of the distinguished honorees at the 5th Step-by-Step Women of Color Entrepreneurs Conference, which was held May 4th, 2024, thoughtfully organized by NYC Celebrates Women (NYCCW).

This event serves as a platform for recognizing and celebrating the achievements of women of color in the entrepreneurial circle. NYCCW curated a diverse and impactful lineup of successful women-of-color entrepreneurs who served as panelists, offering invaluable insights and expertise on topics ranging from building sustainable businesses to navigating challenges in entrepreneurship.

This recognition holds deep significance for Dr. Corrie, who feels genuinely honored and humbled to receive such acknowledgment for her contributions to entrepreneurship and community empowerment. As an advocate for women of color in business, Dr. Corrie is thrilled to join the ranks of other accomplished entrepreneurs as an honoree, further solidifying her commitment to driving positive change and fostering inclusivity within the industry.

This award not only celebrates Dr. Corrie's past achievements but also serves as a testament to her dedication, perseverance, and unwavering passion for her brand, the Spice Theory. Dr. Corrie views this honor as a validation of the Spice Theory's mission to promote innovation and excellence in the culinary scene. By being recognized among her peers, Dr. Corrie believes that this award will significantly uplift the profile of the Spice Theory, attracting new audiences and opportunities for growth and expansion. Through her participation in the conference, Dr. Corrie is eager to share her insights, experiences, and vision with fellow entrepreneurs, further cementing the Spice Theory's position as a leader in the industry. This serves as a source of inspiration and motivation for Dr. Corrie to continue pushing boundaries, breaking barriers, and making a lasting impact with her brand on a global scale.