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Herbal Infusions: Elevate Your Mocktails and Cocktails

Herbal Infusions: Elevate Your Mocktails and Cocktails

Whether you're shaking up cocktails or crafting refreshing mocktails, the secret to elevating your drinks lies in the delicate dance of herbs and spices. In this edition, we're about to unlock the secrets behind why herbs are the ultimate game-changers in your drinks.  

Why do herbs matter?

We believe that herbs are the symphony conductors of your drink experience. Their aromatic profiles infuse cocktails and mocktails with captivating layers, elevating them from ordinary to extraordinary. That is why our “Old Fashioned” Citrus Smoked Bourbon Barrel Salt" is a perfect partner for your cocktails and mocktails. It has the right amount of smoky and zesty flavor that will complete your classic cocktail or a refreshing alcohol-free concoction.

Don't resist the temptation – grab those aprons, gather the ingredients and try the beginner-friendly recipes below!